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What is labRATry?

labRATry is a flexible and modern software platform for the visualisation and processing of your measurement data. Upon the basis of this platform, we develop customised solutions for you which optimally depict your work steps in the laboratory.

Focus on your specific workflow

Efficient processing without compromises


labRATry in Daily Use in the Laboratory


Software-Assisted Matching of LC-GC Measurement Profiles

Mineral oils are a complex mix of mainly mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons (MOSH) and, in most cases, also of alkylated mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH). The chemical composition of these fractions can vary greatly depending on the origin and the production process. As the result of the production process of foods or packaging materials, these mineral oils can end up in our food products. In particular, the MOAH fraction has been classified as being hazardous to health and, in order to fulfil the prescribed threshold values, these days, an examination is conducted upon a regular basis of the content of MOSH and MOAH in food products. In order to do this, the chromatographic coupling technique of liquid and gas chromatography (LC-GC) is used.

If mineral oils are found in a food product, the focus is quickly placed on the question of the origin of these contaminants. Hump Inspector® uses the LC-GC measurement profiles – often referred to as “Humps” – in order to set up mineral oil reference databases and then subsequently enable a software-supported comparison. In this manner, you can quickly and reliably determine the origin of the contaminants!


Analysis of Aromas and Aromatic Substances

The fragrance of a perfume or the aroma of a food product is of decisive importance with regards to its acceptance by the consumer. Well-founded know-how regarding the interaction of the substances which give their product the unmistakable aroma and/or fragrance is the key to the identification of the origin of undesirable aromas and/or undesirable odours or for the optimisation of the manufacturing process. In this regard, the gas chromatography – coupled with the mass spectrometry (GC/MS) – is the analytical technique of choice.

The Flavour & Fragrance module from labRATry is precisely specialised for the issues that arise in this area: Set-up of raw material mass spectra and chromatogram databases, the quality control for purchased or manufactured raw materials as well as the identification of the composition of complex aromas, e.g. in order to differentiate from one’s competitors.


Analysis of Complex Fingerprints

The analytical pyrolysis – coupled with gas chromatography and mass spectrometry (Py-GC/MS) – is magnificently suited in order to characterise organic solids such as micro-plastics, synthetics, dyes, resins, textiles, coatings, oils, sediments, pulps and woods. The chromatographic fingerprints created in this manner enable detailed insight into the composition of the analytes. However, their complexity imposes high requirements on the data analysis.

The Pyrolysis module from labRATry offers the user of the pyrolysis GC/MS many possibilities for designing the data evaluation to be more efficient and more targeted. They include the highly-automated removal of background noise, drift correction (alignment), peak deconvolution, weight sample standardisation, but also the comparison of fingerprints directly with each other or against mass spectra and/or chromatogram databases that have been created. Furthermore, the principal component analysis (PCA) offers the option of identifying marker components. Please feel free to talk to us in order to find out more.



Customised Visualisation, Processing and Analysis of Measurement Data

labRATry already offers countless basic functions in order to quickly and precisely process chromatographic and mass spectrometric data. The flexible architecture enables fast customisation to your requirements. Find systematic differences and trends in complex datasets. By using statistical methods such as principal component analysis (PCA), cluster analysis, ANOVA and additional uni- and multivariate methods, you can accelerate your quality control and more quickly discover presumed “hidden” deviations between measured samples.


Adaptation to the Customer’s Own Applications

Accelerating Data Analysis

If you would like to optimise the efficiency in the laboratory through a customised workflow, labRATry is an optimal solution. Determine the sequence of your processing steps and use these workflows for a reproducible and fast evaluation. Owing to the flexible interfaces, labRATry offers a broad spectrum of adaptations and individualisations. Just talk to us!


NIST Database

The Most Widely Used MS Reference Database – Fully-Integrated into labRATry

New NIST database version 2023.
Available now!

Now even more comprehensive: With 40,000 new compounds, 394,000 electron ionization (EI) spectra, and 492,000 retention index values.

Order your new version today!


For more than three decades, the mass spectrometry experts at the National Institute of Standards have ensured the high quality of this reference database for mass spectra which is the most-used reference database worldwide. The NIST/EPA/NIH Mass Spectra Library 2023 is a completely-evaluated collection of electronic impact ionisations (EI) – and MS/MS mass spectra which will greatly support you in identifying your unknown substances.
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If the mass spectra comparison against the NIST and other MS libraries should be an essential component of your daily work, we would like to particularly recommend the labRATry Mass Inspector to you. In this context, in addition to a substantially faster query of the NIST database, additional libraries can be integrated and queried upon a parallel basis.

Moreover, you are not restricted to the functions of the NIST MS Search software! A broad pallet of diverse modes of database comparison and subsequent sorting of the results can be provided to you.

Customer Testimonials

At GBA we are very happy with Hump Inspector. For many years now the analysis of mineral oil contaminants in various groups of food has been part of our range of services. Within this particular application area the analytical procedure is very challenging and a software for uncovering the source of contamination has been lacking for years. Until now we have not found a comparable solution on the market. A simple visual comparison between chromatograms may also be conducted with various general chromatography software solutions, but completely without any database functionalities, comparison algorithms etc. Hump Inspector allows us to identify the sources of contamination much more efficiently and to produce results significantly faster.

In addition the software provides us with further great benefits. Apart from helping us to deliver necessary graphical representations and reports it also facilitates the training of employees on the topic of mineral oil analysis and the various contamination sources. Our database allows the employees to rapidly get an overview of the different contamination patterns and to develop a better sense for the challenging task. I fully recommend Hump Inspector – a great asset to mineral oil analysis. And the customer service of the vendor has been excellent at any occasion including the roll-out of the software and the support in daily operation

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Dr. Axel Möller
Head of Residue/Contaminant Analysis
GBA Gesellschaft für Bioanalytik mbH

Benefits of labRATry


Precise Analyses without Long Waiting Times

labRATry enables the fast and uncomplicated identification of your mass spectra against the NIST and other commercial databases.

Easily compile entries from various sources within your own database which is customised for your samples, eliminate redundant data and thus increase the efficiency and precision of your identification. In this context, for example, multiple retention indices can be respectively saved and used for identification purposes based upon the GC columns used for a substance in the database.


Fast Results without Tedious Training

Each labRATry module is customised for a precisely-defined application area and contains only the required functions. Thus, intuitive operation is guaranteed and your evaluation can be quickly and easily conducted with only a few actions. In so doing, the various software modules interact seamlessly with each other. Moreover, if you should need additional functions, we can expand labRATry individually for you.


Modules Combinable Based upon the Respective Application

Flexibly combine labRATry modules based upon your respective application requirements. All modules offered interact without any problems and can be adapted to or expanded for your specific workflow.

So you are already using software solutions which optimally handle portions of your data analysis? By using the application link interface, upon request, they can be easily integrated. In addition to integrations for prominent Open Source platforms, we likewise offer solutions for commercial products such as, for example, the MOSH/MOAH quantification software Chrolibri from Axel Semrau.


Less is more

labRATry saves you time and comprehensively exploits the automation potential. In order to avoid flawed and repetitive work steps, the manual interventions are reduced to the required minimum. Thus, you can concentrate on the truly interesting aspects of data analysis.


Customised to your requirements

You do not have to adapt to the software – the software adapts to you!

If the modules available do not fit your requirements, labRATry can be flexibly expanded and modified and thus optimally depict your workflow.


Contact and Additional Information

Feel free to contact us for additional information or request a non-binding offer!

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